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Goal of Project
PathoPic is a Public access image database providing images of high quality for use in medical education and public health information. Each image has an unique identification number and is classified according to its topography, diagnosis, stain, etc. Additional information is supplied in terms of a short description and clinical data if available. A detailed search form allows locating images precisely and fast. The search result can be viewed as text or in a preview format with thumbnails. For students an interactive training mode has been developed, which can be adapted to individual needs (in german version only). Based on an easy to use technology PathoPic will be a fast growing image database with the possibility to integrate any image of the database in different learning modules.

Target audience:

  • Pathologists
  • Sender of biopsies
  • Authors of online documents and courses
  • Students
  • Medical doctors of all fields of specialty
For an optimal use of PathoPic we highly advice to follow the Guided Tour.
The purpose of this WWW site is to enable health care professionals to access high quality pathology images exclusively for instructional purposes.
The images and their metadata provided in this site are not intended for the diagnosis of specific patients. Consequently, the information contained in this web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your health care provider. Please do not email us for advice on your medical problems. We will not answer your questions. Consult your physician instead.
The author of PathoPic disclaims any liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, to the use and application of any of the contents of this resource. The author of this webpage does not make any guarantee, express or implied, of the quality, or results of use of the information found in PathoPic.

PathoPic Team Members
Idea, medical concept and data input
Katharina Glatz-Krieger, MD, Institut für Pathologie, Basel


Dieter Glatz-Krieger, PhD, Universitätsrechenzentrum, Basel

Image Contributors
The following institutions have generously granted us permission to display some of their gross images.
  • Institute for Clinical Pathology, University Hospital Zürich
  • Cantonal Institute for Pathology Liestal
In General
All of our images are strictly protected by copyright laws. Any reproducing or copying of the image database content or part of it is allowed on our written consent only. Any commercial usage of our images must be purchased at individual conditions. Please read the following information to see whether in your case usage of images is free or not.
Allowed Usage
To non-commercial, educational institutions (universities), we grant the right to reproduce the images free of charge and without prior approval for lectures, but we ask you to acknowledge the image source by putting our logo clearly readable on the picture (example).

The usage of our images in a scientific paper or in a book is prohibited.

For online educational publications without any commercial background you may link to our images using the following linking mechanism: <a href="http://alf3.urz.unibas. ch/pathopic/e/getpic-fra.cfm?id=Image-ID target="pathopic_pic">Your Link Text or Icon</a>

Blue letters must be adopted as they are, red letters can be chosen according to your requirements.

Authors of online educational publications are highly adviced to inform us about their links so we can inform them about enhancements of our system.

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